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Bennett Avionics, Inc., East Granby CT

KWCS has worked for Bennett Avionics as a consultant on various projects since 2009. Currently finalizing custom system replacing QuickBooks, ACT, and other separate applications. C# coded Windows clients and MySQL database.

Custom client software implemented with Visual Studio 2010 and Crystal Reports. Network environment using Linux LAMP servers.

See the Bennett Avionics website at

"Kilowatt is exceptional. He helps me make money" - Harley Bennett, President

"Keith is programming my brain in to an A/R - inventory module. " - Scott, Sales

Brico Environmental Services, LLC., Hartford CT

KWCS has worked for Brico as a consultant on various projects since 2009. Brico has a WAN/LAN supporting many users and many applications.

Basic Network environment using Linux LAMP servers.

See the Brico Environmental website at

"Kilowatt is always available when I need him; and when there is a problem, it is solved quickly. " - Blake Johnson, Owner/Manager

The Yankee Flyer, Inc., Bloomfield CT

KWCS worked for the Yankee Flyer as a consultant on various projects since 1988. First created custom office systems using PICK on Novell LANs, and then office systems were redone in Visual Basic 6 Windows clients and MySQL databases cica 2003.

In 2007 completed conversion of remaining Pick Office Management systems and VB6 to custom client software was implement with VB.Net Visual Studio and Crystal Reports. Databases were all migrated to MySQL 5 in a mixed network enviroment using Linux and Win2003 servers. By 2010, all essential servers upgraded to Linux.

Office systems included custom export routines to commercial accounting software and custom middleware connecting the office systems, website systems, and the custom mailing system which uses U.S. Postal CDS.

A quite unique program system was created which each week builds the 30 - 40 page website version of the Yankee Flyer advertising publication. The website weekly build includes classified ads text, displayed ads graphics and a website MySQL-PHP search engine. The system mixes 1,2,3, and 4 column formats representative of the printed publication. In 2007 completed upgrading web site with SSL, encrypted MySQL database, and PHP coded forms for credit card orders.

See the Yankee Flyer website at

"Kilowatt has always handled the "BIG" picture, from building and maintaining the servers to the website, front office, and the 21,000 mailing labels." - Matt Conrad, Plant Manager

"Keith is fun to work with and he always designs what we need, sometimes even before we know what it is." - Judy, Art Department

Disposal Plus, LLC., Windsor CT 06095

Disposal Plus is a family owned and operated dumpster rental business with over 25 years of experience in the waste management industry.

Disposal Plus is a fun client to work for as they utilize the bleeding edge of technology. On several projects for Disposal Plus, it was a great learning experience, since what I was implementing technologies I had never used before.

See the Disposal Plus website at

"Kilowatt Custom Systems has always delivered on time and on budget - Mark Gstell, Operations Manager

Northeast Plastics Equipment, Westfield MA

Kilowatt has worked with NE Plastics to design and implement a MySQL based website with a custom C# program to manage their entire system via the cloud. Entering new items for sale and thier pictures can be done remotely using laptops, tablets - even taking pictures with an Android phone to send to their website.

Kilowatt hosts the LAMP "cloud" servers at one of our offices.

"Keith makes it so simple; I am still amazed everytime I use the system." - Roy Shea, Owner/Manager
"Kilowatt has helped with everything from buying the best laptop to programming what we needed but could not explain." - Fred Charpentier Owner/Sales