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Kilowatt Custom Systems is an association of technologists and consultants headed by Keith Austin. The company was founded in 1987 during the advent of distributed processing, graphical user interfaces, and object orientated programming. We have been around for a while and that's how we specialize in Legacy conversions from anything(PICK, DOS, etc.)

As the price of real computer power came down in the 1980's to a level that small businesses and individuals could afford, a whole new market was created to develop and utilize this technology. Few technologists in the forefront of this technology were available to small business and individuals. Few qualified and affordable technologists are still available to this market today! And now they are all trying to sell you CLOUD services where YOU PAY MONTHLY while your data sits somewhere in China. Really? You need to own your data.

Information technology is a requirement today for any business to compete. A business is virtually required to have email, a website, accounting software, word-processing, and more - just to do business. No matter the type of business, time is money and that's why you use technology - to save both. Kilowatt Custom Systems has specialized in providing affordable IT consulting and service to businesses for over two decades.


KeithHeadShot2 Keith Austin, aka Kilowatt

I head this consulting group - Kilowatt Custom Systems, LLC.
The main office is head-quartered in Windsor Connecticut. The associates are spread out from northern CT to southern MA.

I completed 8th grade in public school,that was the end of my formal education and the beginning of my career.

I eventually found myself working in Polymer R&D. The final three years were for Olin Chemicals Corporation. That is where I earned the name Kilowatt. I programmed chemical formulation databases and MSDSs. I volunteered for one year to be divisional Safety Manager (a part time job at the time) for the Urethanes Division. The majority of my time was as a "Data Coordinator" - a title they made up. I travelled to various divisions and replaced mini/mainframe systems with Novell networks, PICK databases, and PCs. By 1987 I decided I could make more money and have more fun as an independent consultant. I got my first contract from Olin Chemicals and BASF that year but after my experience with different sized corporate divisions - I wanted to work with small business. I liked having a direct impact on the bottom line and seeing a small business succeed by better using technology than large companies could.

Andrey Andrey Viktor Kozhenevskiy, aka CiscoKid

I am the youngest of the group - Some say I am the best looking.

I am from the Ukraine, my family moved to the United States in 1996 for religious freedom. I was about two years old when my parents, my older sister and I took a journey to live in a country that was truly free. Currently I am a legal immigrant to the United States and I hope to earn American citizenship shortly.

I graduated 53 out of 306 students with high honors from Chicopee Comprehensive High school in Chicopee Massachusetts in 2013. In this school I spent most of my time in an Information Support class where I learned everything from computer repair to networking. I was one of the top three students in this curriculum. I received my OSHA 10 hour card as one of my first accomplishments. Then i went on to receive certificates of completion of Cisco's : IT Essential, and CCNA 1 through 4. Also, while in high school, I went to compete in the SkillsUSA competition and I was rated the number four best computer repair technician student in the state of Massachusetts. My goals in life are simple. First I want to make enough money to retire my parents comfortably. They are the reason I had the opportunity to do what I am doing. I want to continue my education working with the great technologist Keith has put together. I have had the opportunity to intern for Kilowatt and his clients over the previous summer. They have convinced me that my time is better spent learning and working than to matriculate in a college or University. The training and studies they have given me over the past year make any university work seem trivial. Another goal I have is to start a family and own a home where I can live freely and simply in this wonderful country. God bless America.


There are more and more "off the shelf" and "do it yourself" software and systems available to small business. One solution does not fit all and most small businesses can not afford in-house IT staff or even the time to learn new software let alone figure out what is best for them.

This is where Kilowatt Custom Systems has made its niche.

With over 20 years of experience designing custom systems, we know how to create complete systems. From system analysis and design to coding, implementation, documentation, and training - complete systems are customized exactly to the clients needs. This can not be bought "off the shelf" but with proper use of today's modern programming environments such as .Net, custom systems can be rapidly developed and deployed at a low cost.


We provide our clients with complete service. Keith Austin has not only expertise in information technologies but in science, manufacturing, financial, graphics arts, publishing, marketing, and other business areas.


We design websites to meet our customer needs and budgets. From a simple web presence to complex database driven e-commerce systems.